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Afloia Air Purifiers Kilo plus Review – ASIN:  B09P8KBW5V

Experience relief from allergies and enjoy cleaner air in your home with the Afloia Air Purifiers for Home. Designed for large rooms up to 1076 ft², this smart WiFi-enabled purifier offers voice control through Alexa, making it convenient and easy to use.

Its True HEPA H13 filter removes 99.99% of particles, including pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and smoke. With multiple filter choices and a powerful purification process, the Afloia Air Purifiers are the perfect solution for a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

  • H13 HEPA filter efficiently removes 99.99% of particles
  • Multiple filter choices
  • Sleek design
  • Limited filter choices
  • A few users have experienced problems with the filters of the Afloia air purifier, such as needing replacement sooner than expected

Product Design

While the customer reviews highlight positive feedback about the product’s effectiveness, some mention the noise level, which is an important aspect of product design to consider.

As a company, we understand the significance of product aesthetics and user interface design in creating a sense of belonging for our customers. We believe that a visually appealing product can enhance the overall experience and make our customers feel proud to own our air purifier.

Additionally, we prioritize user interface design to ensure that our customers can easily navigate and control the device, allowing for a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Product Specs

We have carefully designed our Afloia Air Purifiers to meet the specifications of large rooms up to 1076 Ft², ensuring optimal air purification for our customers. Our product performance has been highly praised by our customers, as seen in their positive feedback. The table below highlights some key features and reviews from our satisfied customers:

Product FeaturesCustomer ReviewsConnectivity and Setup
Smart WiFi Voice ControlImproved air quality and reduced allergiesEasy installation and operation
Faster Air CleanerElimination of cigarette smoke and pet odorsWi-Fi capability and remote control features
True HEPA H13 FilterEffective dust and pet hair removalInstructions on connecting to Google Home

We value our customers’ feedback and continuously strive to provide them with the best product experience.

Evaluation Criteria

When evaluating the Afloia Air Purifier, we consider several criteria to determine its performance.

We look at factors such as air purification efficiency, noise level, and ease of use.


The performance of the Afloia Air Purifiers has received positive feedback from customers. They have praised the product’s faster air cleaning capability and true HEPA H13 filter for improving air quality and eliminating allergens. Customers have specifically mentioned the effectiveness of the purifiers in removing dust, pet hair, and odors like cigarette smoke and pet odors.

However, there have been some concerns raised about the noise level of the purifiers. Some customers have found it to be disruptive to their daily activities. Despite this, the majority of customers have found the noise level to be acceptable.

Overall, the positive feedback about the performance of the Afloia Air Purifiers demonstrates their ability to effectively clean and purify the air. This provides a healthier and more comfortable environment for users.


One of the pros of the Afloia Air Purifiers is their smart WiFi voice control feature, which allows us to conveniently operate the purifiers using Alexa. This feature enhances the user experience by providing hands-free control and making it easier to adjust settings.

Other pros of the Afloia Air Purifiers include:

  • Effective purification: The H13 HEPA filter efficiently removes 99.99% of particles, ensuring cleaner and healthier air.
  • Noise level comparison: These purifiers have been praised for their quiet operation, allowing us to enjoy a peaceful environment while they work.
  • Multiple filter choices: Afloia offers a variety of filter options to cater to different needs, whether it’s eliminating pet odors or reducing allergens.
  • Value for money: Customers have expressed satisfaction with the effectiveness of these air purifiers, comparing them favorably to other brands and models in terms of price and features.

With these features, the Afloia Air Purifiers provide a reliable and efficient solution to improve indoor air quality.


Despite their positive features, we’ve identified a few cons of the Afloia Air Purifiers that potential buyers should consider. These include:

  • Product noise: Some customers have mentioned that the air purifiers can be a bit noisy, especially on higher fan speeds. This could be a concern for those who prefer a quieter environment.
  • Customer service satisfaction: While many customers have had positive experiences with Afloia’s customer service, there have been a few instances where customers have reported issues with a malfunctioning filter. However, the feedback regarding the responsiveness of the customer service team has been largely positive.
  • Limited filter choices: Although the Afloia Air Purifiers offer multiple filter choices for different needs, some customers have mentioned that the availability of filters can be limited or hard to find, which could be inconvenient for those who require specific filters.
  • Price range: While many customers appreciate the value for money that the Afloia Air Purifiers offer, some potential buyers may find the price range of these purifiers to be on the higher side compared to other brands and models in the market.

Despite these cons, the Afloia Air Purifiers still provide excellent air purification capabilities and have received positive feedback from customers. Ultimately, it’s important for potential buyers to weigh these cons against the overall benefits and features of the product.

Review Summary

Review Summary:

After analyzing the customer reviews, we found that the Afloia Air Purifier has received positive feedback regarding improved air quality, allergy reduction, and the elimination of cigarette smoke and pet odors.

However, some customers mention concerns about the noise level.

Overall, the reviews highlight the effectiveness and value for money of this air purifier, as well as positive experiences with customer service.


The Afloia air purifier has numerous pros, including its ability to remove 99.99% of particles and its compatibility with Alexa for convenient voice control. This air purifier offers a range of features that make it a desirable choice for those seeking cleaner air in their homes.

Some of these pros include:

  • Product longevity: Customers have praised the durability and long-lasting performance of the Afloia air purifier, ensuring that it continues to provide clean air for years to come.
  • Noise level comparison: Many customers appreciate the quiet operation of the Afloia air purifier, allowing them to enjoy a peaceful environment while still benefiting from its powerful air cleaning capabilities.
  • Sleek design: The Afloia air purifier boasts a modern and stylish design that seamlessly blends into any home decor, providing a sense of belonging and aesthetic appeal.
  • Energy efficiency: With its energy-saving features, the Afloia air purifier isn’t only good for the environment but also helps save on electricity bills, making it a cost-effective choice.

Overall, the Afloia air purifier offers a range of benefits that make it a popular choice for those seeking cleaner and healthier air in their homes.


Customers have expressed concerns about the noise level and filter malfunctioning as cons of the Afloia air purifier. These issues have been raised in various customer reviews and have sparked a discussion among users.

Here are some key points regarding these concerns:

  • Noise Level: Some customers have reported that the air purifier produces noticeable noise, which can be distracting in quiet environments.
  • Filter Malfunction: A few users have experienced problems with the filters of the Afloia air purifier, such as them not functioning properly or needing replacement sooner than expected.

These issues have prompted discussions about the overall performance and reliability of the product. Customers are seeking solutions and advice on how to address these concerns, as they want to ensure a quiet and efficient air purifying experience without any filter malfunctions.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts:

Overall, we were impressed with the Afloia Air Purifier. It effectively removes particles, eliminates odors, and improves air quality in large rooms.

Based on positive customer reviews and its value for money, we’d highly recommend this product.

Product Rating

In our experience, the product rating reflects the overall satisfaction with Afloia Air Purifiers and their performance.

When considering customer satisfaction, one important aspect that often comes up in discussions is the noise level. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the noise level of the Afloia Air Purifiers, finding them to be quiet and unobtrusive. This is a crucial factor for those who desire a peaceful and serene environment in their homes.

By providing an air purifier that not only effectively cleans the air but also operates quietly, Afloia has successfully catered to the needs and desires of their customers.

It’s evident that Afloia’s commitment to providing a positive user experience has contributed to their high product rating and the satisfaction of their customers.


In our final thoughts, we highly recommend the Afloia Air Purifier for those looking to improve the air quality in their large rooms and reduce allergies.

The smart WiFi voice control and multiple filter choices provide convenience and customization.

However, individuals who prioritize a completely silent environment may not benefit from this product due to some noise reported by customers.

Who Would Benefit From This Product

Based on the positive feedback about improved air quality and reduced allergies, anyone seeking cleaner and healthier indoor air would benefit from this Afloia Air Purifier.

It offers numerous advantages, including air purification benefits, smart home integration advantages, convenient remote control via an app, and multiple filter choices to meet different needs.

With its ability to remove 99.99% of particles and compatibility with Alexa, this air purifier is a valuable addition to any home.

Who Wouldn’t Benefit From This Product

While this Afloia Air Purifier offers numerous benefits for those seeking cleaner and healthier indoor air, individuals who don’t prioritize air quality or have no concerns about allergies may not find this product as essential. However, for those who do prioritize air quality and have concerns about allergies, the product effectiveness and customer satisfaction are notable factors to consider.

Some key points to keep in mind are:

  • Improved air quality and reduced allergies
  • Elimination of cigarette smoke and pet odors
  • Effective dust and pet hair removal
  • Positive feedback about the price and features

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