Does Air Purifier Cool The Room ? Allow Us To Explain

Most of the air purifiers available in the market are not only useful for removing dust and odor from the air but also keep our home cool. But what are they actually doing?

Why an air purifier can make the air feel cooler

 Imagine you’re at the beach. It’s a hot day, and there’s no shade in sight. You sit down to read a book for an hour, but it seems like every time you look up from the page your T-shirt is sticking to your back with sweat.

As uncomfortable as that would be, it actually makes sense from an evolutionary perspective: sweating cools us off by evaporating water from our skin when we’re overheated (sweat itself doesn’t cool us off).

This is why moving air feels cooler than still air; airflow increases evaporation of sweat on our skin and makes us feel cooler even if the temperature hasn’t changed much since we began feeling hot.

But there are other ways air can make things seem colder than they really are—and one of them has nothing to do with sweat or evaporation at all!

Airflow from Air Purifier Could Cool Air In The House

If you are looking for a way to cool your home in the summer months, an air purifier might be just what you need. Air purifiers are designed to remove impurities from the air and initially this may not seem like a great idea for preventing heat stroke.

However, most of these devices have high maximum airflow which can produce more than 900 CFM (cubic feet per minute), when operated at high speed. While they may not cool your house as effectively as central AC or window units do, they certainly work better than nothing and will make a much bigger impact if used in conjunction with other cooling methods.

The best place to put one is on the floor near where people spend most of their time within range of normal breathing levels but out of direct line-of-sight so that it doesn’t distract from TV watching or interfere with conversation while still providing enough airflow to be effective.

Airflow Direction Guideline

For most of Air purifiers, it pull air in through the bottom or sides and exhaust purified air upward into a room tend to help keep rooms air filtered.

Research suggests that these devices actually increase humidity levels, which is why they work well for people with allergies but not necessarily colds or other respiratory diseases.

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If you want to know whether an air purifier will reduce indoor temperature, make sure it has programmable settings for speed and/or timer options so you can run it when it won’t affect your comfort level—for example, overnight if you are trying to cool a house.

Of course, central heating systems provide more effective ways to lower overall temperatures by increasing heat output from radiators through thermostat-controlled switches as needed throughout winter months

Air purifier And Fan In One Device You Might Consider

If you are looking for a fan and an air purifier in one device, the Dyson Pure Cool might be a good option. It is designed with an innovative no-moving parts blade system that keeps the air moving while reducing noise levels to below that of other fans on the market.

The machine also has an activated carbon filter that eliminates bad odors without any chemicals or fragrances.

Finally, this great product comes with a remote control so you can change settings from anywhere in your home.

So What To Do To Make My Room Colder?

Using just an ordinary fan can be ineffective because it does not create any sort of cooling effect even if it is positioned near windows with open blinds; this is due to its lack of filtration from impurities in the air like dust and pollens.

Thus, considering these two effective factors together will give you better results than using either one alone.

Combo Of Basic Fan And Your Purifier

The fastest and probably the most cost effective thing you can do is to get a simple portable fan and run it in the same room as your air purifier.

Fans are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that we have at our disposal, they can be used in so many different scenarios, each with their own purpose.

If you don’t live in an area that gets extremely hot all the time, placing fan is enough to keep the air in your room clean and cool. You may choose to put some kind of screen around it or use something like  this  to prevent any issues with bugs flying into them (especially if you’re using a reusable filter).

However, if there’s dust particles floating around, you will still want an additional purification system running alongside it just incase they become suspended within the stream of air from your fan.


Air purifiers work by filtering particles from the air.

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They can also be used to cool rooms. Some models also have a fan and/or humidifier that adds humidity to the air to make it more breathable.

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