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How to Hide Air Conditioner Unit Outside

We’ve planted the flowers, trimmed the hedges, and set up our outdoor havens; now it’s time to tackle the eyesore that’s detracting from our perfect landscapes—the outdoor air conditioner unit.

As homeowners who take pride in the appearance of our property, we understand the challenge of blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. We know you’re seeking solutions that are both practical and appealing to the eye, and we’re here to provide just that.

From creating natural camouflage with greenery to constructing clever decorative covers, we’ve got a variety of methods up our sleeves to effectively conceal that clunky piece of machinery.

So, if you’re wondering how to transform your outdoor space into a seamless extension of your home’s beauty, stay with us as we unveil the tips and tricks that will make your air conditioner unit virtually disappear into the landscape, enhancing the tranquility of your outdoor retreat.

Consider Lattice Panels

decorative lattice for privacy

When looking to conceal an outdoor air conditioning unit, we can opt for lattice panels as they offer an elegant solution without impeding airflow. These panels not only serve as a privacy screen but also ensure our outdoor air conditioner isn’t stifled. We’ve found that positioning them thoughtfully is key; we need to provide enough clearance for maintenance and repairs.

We’ve noticed that the Enclo Privacy Screens Highland Lattice Privacy Screen, available on Amazon, is a popular choice among homeowners. It’s versatile and adds a sophisticated touch to the outdoor space. Similarly, the Deckorators Cedar Plastic Traditional Lattice from Lowes is another option that seamlessly blends with most garden aesthetics.

To add a bit of greenery, we sometimes encourage the growth of climbing plants on the lattice. This natural cover can further integrate the air conditioner into the landscape. However, we’re careful to keep the plants trimmed back to maintain proper air flow.

Among the variety of products we’ve considered, the Acurio Latticeworks Moorish Circle Black Vinyl Decorative Screen Panel from Home Depot stands out for its unique design. It’s more than just a functional element; it’s a statement piece that can elevate the entire look of our outdoor area.

Incorporate Large Planters

To effectively mask the outdoor air conditioner unit, we can strategically position large planters filled with lush foliage or tall grasses for an attractive natural barrier. By choosing planter boxes that endure outdoor conditions and complement our garden’s look, we create an attractive hideaway that’s both functional and stylish. It’s crucial to select plants that provide enough coverage to camouflage the unit, while still ensuring there’s enough space for airflow and maintenance access.

We’ll arrange the planter boxes around the outdoor air conditioning unit, using a mix of sizes and shapes to add visual interest and depth. This tactic not only conceals the AC unit but also enhances the overall aesthetic of our outdoor space. We’ll opt for flowering shrubs or tall grasses that can grow to a sufficient height for screening without impeding the unit’s functionality.

Explore Living Screens

interactive living screen technology

Building on the idea of using large planters, we can further enhance our outdoor space by creating living screens that blend seamlessly with the natural environment to disguise the air conditioner unit. Opting for a mix of ornamental trees and climbing plants like English ivy can create a lush barrier that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s not forget that outdoor privacy is key for a peaceful retreat, and living screens provide just that.

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Here’s a snapshot of options we can consider:

Living ScreensBenefitsConsiderations
Ornamental TreesYear-round beauty, air purificationMay require more space and maintenance
English IvyDense coverage, easy to growNeeds support, can be invasive
Iron Trellis with VinesElegant structure, customizable shapesRequires initial setup and training vines

Build Decorative Structures

We can enhance the outdoor appeal and functionality by constructing decorative structures that double as concealment for the AC unit. A charming picket fence design, with the added twist of an integrated garden bed, allows us to create a living garden AC cover. This not only masks the unsightly equipment but also brings a burst of nature right up to our doorstep.

In our quest for a sleeker look, we’ve built a clear redwood structure that houses the unit. Its removable top ensures we’re never hindered when it’s time for maintenance, all while complementing our modern outdoor aesthetics. This ac cover isn’t just a disguise—it’s a statement.

Moreover, we’ve seen the potential for our AC cover to serve another purpose. We’ve crafted it to provide a nifty storage space for outdoor tools, carefully designed to maintain the unit’s vital ventilation. Alongside this, we’ve lined the side of our house with tall shrubs, which not only hide the AC unit but also add a layer of privacy and elevate the landscape.

Lastly, we’ve repurposed an old shutter screen, painting it in a vibrant color. It’s our nod to shabby chic, with the practical benefit of ensuring our AC unit remains well-ventilated.

Employ Tall Shrubbery

landscape with tall shrubbery

Planting tall shrubbery can effectively shield your outdoor air conditioning unit, adding both aesthetic value and privacy to your space. By choosing the right plants, we not only hide an air conditioner but also bring a touch of nature to our outdoor area. It’s essential, however, to maintain proper clearance around your AC unit to ensure it functions efficiently.

When selecting shrubs, we look for varieties that grow tall enough to cover the unit but don’t impede the airflow. Here are the emotional benefits we aim for:

  • Serenity: Lush, green plants create a tranquil atmosphere, transforming a mechanical eyesore into a peaceful garden nook.
  • Pride: A well-maintained landscape, with the regular AC unit cleverly concealed, boosts our home’s curb appeal.
  • Relief: Knowing that our practical solution also protects the unit from debris and harsh weather brings us peace of mind.

We regularly trim the shrubbery to prevent it from overgrowing and ensure our air conditioner outside remains accessible for service and maintenance. With thoughtful planning and care, our tall shrubbery becomes both a beautiful and functional addition to our outdoor living space.

Opt for Privacy Fencing

While tall shrubbery offers a natural way to screen an outside air conditioner, privacy fencing presents a more structured solution for those seeking additional seclusion. Privacy fencing is a robust choice to hide air conditioning units, creating a secluded area that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. When we opt for a tall and dense fence, we ensure maximum privacy and concealment for the outdoor AC unit.

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We’ve found that choosing durable and weather-resistant materials for the privacy fence is crucial to ensure longevity and functionality. This can range from wood, vinyl, to composite materials—each offering its own set of benefits. Moreover, we often incorporate greenery or climbing plants along the privacy fence to enhance its aesthetic appeal, which can soften the appearance of the fence and blend it with the natural surroundings.

It’s important, however, not to block the airflow to the unit, as this could impede its efficiency and lead to potential damage. We make sure the privacy fence design includes sufficient clearance and strategically placed openings for air circulation. Additionally, we always ensure there’s easy access to the AC unit for regular maintenance and repairs, making sure practicality isn’t sacrificed for the sake of appearance.

Design a Garden Trellis

creating a beautiful garden trellis

Crafting a garden trellis from durable, weather-resistant iron provides a sturdy backdrop for climbing plants and enhances the garden’s natural charm. When we design a garden trellis, we’re not just creating an aesthetic feature; we’re also devising a practical solution to maintain privacy and conceal the outdoor air conditioner unit. By choosing the right greenery to intertwine with the ironwork, we ensure the unit is hidden while still allowing for airflow and easy access.

Here’s how we evoke beauty and functionality with our design:

  • Embrace Nature’s Palette: Let the vibrant greens and floral hues of climbing vines breathe life into the space around the air conditioner unit.
  • Create a Living Screen: The trellis becomes a living curtain, providing privacy while celebrating the allure of nature.
  • Merge Form with Function: The elegant iron structure of the trellis marries strength with style, ensuring the outdoor unit remains out of sight, yet accessible.

We carefully select plants that not only look beautiful but are also easy to trim and maintain. This way, we keep the focus on the garden’s allure without letting the necessary equipment behind the scenes overshadow its beauty.

Choose Functional Art Pieces

As we consider the visual appeal of our garden, let’s also explore how functional art pieces can seamlessly integrate with our landscape to hide the outdoor AC unit. Incorporating items like a Living Garden AC Cover not only conceals your air conditioning units but also adds a living, breathing element to your space. We’re not just hiding your air conditioner; we’re transforming it into a part of our garden’s ecosystem.

Functional art pieces offer a dual purpose—they enhance the beauty while also maintaining essential air circulation for the outdoor AC. For instance, a Modern Outdoor AC Cover can be crafted from redwood, merging functionality with a sleek, contemporary design. It’s crucial that these covers have a removable top or easy access for maintenance, ensuring our AC’s longevity.

We could also consider an AC Cover that doubles as a tool shed, smartly using space while keeping our garden tools handy. Alternatively, tall shrubs or a Birdhouse Picket Fence serve as charming solutions that disguise the necessary but often unsightly air conditioning units. These options not only hide the hardware but also contribute to the overall charm and utility of our outdoor living areas.

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