how to open mi air purifier

Dear Mi Fans, you are here to know how to open mi air purifier. Open it by following the steps below:

open the air filter

To open the air filter:

  • Put on the diaphragm first.
  • Next, remove the back cover by taking off two screws and lifting up the plastic lock at its middle section (which can be found between where you put in batteries for your humidifier). You’ll have to take out a washing powder box as well if there is one installed in it already; otherwise, skip this step for now and move onto step 3 when you have time later on!
  • Once you’ve removed both parts from inside of your purifier, take out your old filter and replace it with a new one (if applicable).

put on the diaphragm

  • Put on the diaphragm. The diaphragm is located in the middle of your air purifier and is made from a soft plastic material. To fit it onto your purifier, simply pull out its wires until they are straight and then slide it over one end of your device. Make sure that it doesn’t get wrinkled or loose as you’re putting it on; if necessary, use a pair of tweezers to help center and tighten the diaphragm into place.
  • Push down on the diaphragm with both hands until you hear it snap shut against other parts inside the machine. This ensures that all parts are properly connected and working together effectively without any problems or leaks that could cause damage later down line (or worse: make your home smell like dead animals).

change the air filter

To change the air filter, you’ll need:

  • Air filter replacement instructions
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Vacuum cleaner (optional)

Start by shutting off the machine’s power. Unscrew the top, remove it and put it aside. You’ll see a plastic panel covering one side of the motor box. Remove this panel to access your machine’s air filter. Now you can pull out your old air filter and grab a new one from its packaging. With your new filter in hand, place it over the motor box so that both sides are facing outward (this will mean they’re not touching anything else). Replace both panels and turn on power again!

take out the back cover

To remove the back cover, first use your hands to pull up on the two side panels of the back cover. Then lift up on the rear edge of one side panel until it comes free from its location on top of two metal hinges. Once both sides are removed, lift up and remove the rear plastic piece containing all of your filter’s mounting hardware and electrical connections.

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take out the washing powder box

Now remove the washing powder box.

And that’s it! You now know how to open mi air purifier.

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